The Baby Summit. 

I have been here since Friday and I can’t tell you how amazing and fun it has been. The amount of knowledge I’m able to take away is crazy.  Can I say how grateful I am to be able to be here and to be able to surround myself with these amazing women. The baby summit has some of the top baby photographers in the industry as speakers here.  And I get to spend 4 days with them as they share their wealth of knowledge with me and the rest of the baby industry:) 

    The lovely Nicole Smith, The fantastically talented Luisa Dunn, The   insanely talented Kell Brown and how can we forget the brilliant Sue Bryce.  Her advice is golden. Cannot  wait to implement all I have learned here into my business.

If there’s one thing I’m  able take away from the baby summit it’s “Don’t choose a busy life, choose an amazing life!!!!