Stuart photographer

A Mother and her two Daughters

We had the honor of photographing this beautiful military family, this week. This mother of two has her hands full with her daughters just 14 months apart. The girls daddy just returned from being deployed for four months and has a birthday coming up so what better gift then to give him a picture of his three girls that simply is worth more than thousand words. Look at those smiles and look at those eyes. We are sure daddy will be proud.Avendano

Sharda Gorin-Newborn Photography

Could not get enough of this sweet face. I could photograph this baby girl all day long…and I kinda did.  Love the colors of this set up. The simple and clean feel to it. For those of you that knows me, I love COLORS. Here, I’m really feeling the neutrals and rich textures in this image.

 I’m spreading my wings in the photography world as you can see and trying out new stuff and loving it. As someone wise said to me recently, “Don’t shoot to crop, shoot to give”. Advice I’m taking to heart. And something new I’m practicing and I know it will rock my creative