The Baby Summit. 

I have been here since Friday and I can’t tell you how amazing and fun it has been. The amount of knowledge I’m able to take away is crazy.  Can I say how grateful I am to be able to be here and to be able to surround myself with these amazing women. The baby summit has some of the top baby photographers in the industry as speakers here.  And I get to spend 4 days with them as they share their wealth of knowledge with me and the rest of the baby industry:) 

    The lovely Nicole Smith, The fantastically talented Luisa Dunn, The   insanely talented Kell Brown and how can we forget the brilliant Sue Bryce.  Her advice is golden. Cannot  wait to implement all I have learned here into my business.

If there’s one thing I’m  able take away from the baby summit it’s “Don’t choose a busy life, choose an amazing life!!!!


Palm City Newborn Photographer

Nothing is  sweeter than a dad and his newborn daughter. Look at how comfortable she is sleeping in his arms.This will be an image she will she will adore later in life. And I’m beyond thrilled to have had the oppertunity to capture it for them.



Palm City Newborn Photographer

Palm City Newborn Photographer

Model… Actor… Pilot… in our studio!

We loved photographing this model/actor! Not only is this gentleman an actor/model, but a pilot! Yes, a pilot! Awesome, right?! What amazing talent he has…and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. Your personality lite up the studio yesterday evening and for a Monday… it was perfect! Thank you! We believe a great professional actor or model headshot is the golden ticket in the industry and is an essential part of your personal portfolio. We are honored to help actors and models with updating their portfolios with great new shots. Enjoy the images below from our recent photoshoot and please feel free to chime in (below) on your thoughts.

model-actor model-actor2

About Sharda Gorin

About Sharda Gorin


Hoping to do a lot more blogging this year. So many exciting things coming up..can’t wait to share.


Hope you are all enjoying this amazing weather…

Might we share some bubbly..

I love it when women love themselves. I love it when women are learning to love themselves. I love it when women inspire other women to love themselves. <3.  These just came in for my Sexy Valentine Day Shoot. Can’t wait
fb SGP_8246

The Patch is open!!!

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love pumpkins..Pumpkin everything…and if you are like me…it’s finally that time of the year that I am just pumpkfied (Made up work) Ha Ha.. Eekkk. So happy the rain let up a little yesterday so I could grab a couple of images of this cutie pie…All is good in the pumpkin patch world…LOL

Tabatha Campbell

Tabatha Campbell

October News!!

October2014Newsletter copy


Hi there,

if you have been trying to emailing  me  through my website and I have not responded it because I’m not getting them. I am not ignoring your emails…Please email me from my Facebook site or simply email me at Sharda@shardagorin.com. They are woking on fixing the problem on my site..Thanks so much for your understanding.