About Sharda

Photography is about capturing souls not smiles. ~ Dragan Tapshanov

To have the opportunity to share in once-in-a-lifetime moments and help create lifelong memories for my clients is the ultimate compliment and privilege.

As a mom, I understand how important it is to document and remember the magnificent milestones in our children’s lives. Every day I am reminded of just how precious and fleeting these remarkable days are, and that knowledge drives me to want to help others capture and preserve that magic, too. That’s why I constantly update and enhance my photography skills with workshops presented by world-famous photographers and artists who are willing to share their own knowledge and skills to help me better serve the clients who have put their trust and their memories in my hands.

  • Sessions with 511 Photography helped me better capture the essence and purity of photographing newborns.
  • Cliff Mautner’s Lighting Workshop taught me to see, use, and manipulate light to turn a photograph into a masterpiece with a message.
  • Susan Stripling has taught me how to enhance the art of the story in my photography.
  • Roberto Valenzuela, voted one of the top ten most influential photographers in the world, has taught me the importance of location, posing, and the brilliance of execution.

You see, when it comes to photographing the moments of your life, it’s about so much more than what kind of lens is used or what brand of camera is involved. Famed American photojournalist Burk Uzzle said “Photography is a love affair with life.” That’s how I feel about photography. It’s my passion to be able to share in one special moment in your life, listen with my eyes, and tell your story by finding a way to magically your ever-moving, ever-evolving life still for one instant.

Capturing time for a moment and helping to make a forever memory is what I offer through Family, Newborn, Children’s, and Boudoir Photography Services.

And so it is with Sharda Gorin Photography. I hope to be given the opportunity and privilege to serve you and help capture the moments of your life.